Thievery Corporation / Saudade
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Artist:Thievery Corporation   Added:Apr 2014
Label:Esl Music  

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Recent Airplay
1. Jun 13, 2014: FAREWELLGASM
4. Jun 07, 2014: Chillin' with Diego
Para Sempre Ft. Elin Melgarejo
2. Jun 12, 2014: Global Warming
Meu Nego Ft. Karina Zeviani
5. Jun 07, 2014: Box of Chocolates (Sub)
Meu Nego Ft. Karina Zeviani
3. Jun 12, 2014: Box of Chocolates (Another Sub)
Para Sempre Ft. Elin Melgarejo
6. May 19, 2014: Box of Chocolates
Bateau Rouge Ft. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani

Album Review
Reviewed 2014-05-08

Thievery Corporation- Saudade
7th Album. Bossa nova and Brazilian rhythms, horns, strings, and guitars played > sampled. Rob Garza and Eric Hilton play mostly guitar and bass. Featuring the likes of MICHAEL LOWERY (U.N.K.L.E.), FEDERICO AUBELE, Mateo Monk, Robert Santos, Columbia Heights Ensemble. Very moody, quieter, with lots of variety. Niiiiiiice
FCC Clean
Picks: 1, 6, *7*, *11*, 12

*1. (3:23) Slow guitar/bass combo alongside melancholic french fem vox and piano
2. (3:21) Nice bossa rhythms, fem vox, shakers
3. (3:29) Shakers, bossa, portuguese (?) vox, slower and shimmery-er
4. (3:33) English fem vox, swing-y guitars/ bass, sunshine-y. Meow-worthy, perchaps.
5. (2:27) Melancholic, shimmery, midtempo, Italian fem vox (title translates to “single in city”)
*6. (3:28) English fem vox longing for love. Lights hand drum, horns, strings.
**7. (2:08) Spanish guitar, instrumental, bossa rhythms, synths. Great for a moody mic break
8. (3:44) Slow, last dance/ make out track. Spanish fem vox, shakers, ya feel?
9. (3:03) Slow, spacey-ier, strings, Portuguese fem vox
10. (3:04) French fem vox, warm, slow waltz
**11. (2:58) Upbeat & bright, shakers, bossa rhythms with Portuguese fem vox.
*12. (4:09) Sultry-late night French fem vox, but warm and sunny.
13. (3:23) Soulful english fem vox, strings, drama!

Track Listing
1. Decollage Ft. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani   7. Saudade
2. Meu Nego Ft. Karina Zeviani   8. Claridad Ft. Natalia Clavier
3. Quen Me Leva Ft. Elin Melgarejo   9. Nos Dois Ft. Karina Zeviani
4. Firelight Ft. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani   10. Le Coeur Ft. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani
5. Sola In Citta Ft. Elin Melgarejo   11. Para Sempre Ft. Elin Melgarejo
6. No More Disguise Ft. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani   12. Bateau Rouge Ft. Lou Lou Ghelichkhani
  13. Depth Of My Soul Ft. Shana Halligan